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No harsh words were spoken; frankly, they are never necessary.

Mutual respect is the key word here, even though it was very clear who was in control.

The format allowed for plenty of interaction and opportunities to try new things. I certainly had the opportunity to try new things (some I considered and some I hadn’t! I always know when a session has been good when I come away on a high and then feel exhausted later in the evening. “I would class myself as moderately experienced in the world of Bdsm with a particular liking for all things medical and it was with a degree of nervousness that I booked myself onto the multi – Mistress Beautifully Destroyed party between Christmas and New year.

As an example, Governess Painless really made an impression, and truly opened my eyes to a style of play I’d not expected; an approach that seemed gentle even when it explored things I may have struggled to endure otherwise, but found delightful.

mm…keep sucking do it well who told you to stop…now bend over between us…I’m watching you…I’ve got my eye on you…kiss them..

Good…touch your toes…There is the softer gentle style that a woman may like…thrust…mmm…and then there is the Prison style where you have no choice..

I have no doubt the ambience created was entirely intentional, but I suspect it also lent to the intensity of the experience. I dropped into subspace very quickly simply because I felt safe enough to be truly vulnerable.

Every lady present contributed to that atmosphere of warmth and safety.

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