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That way he can pay for you and keep his pride intact.Ultimately starting a relationship with an Indonesian man is a lot of fun; you will see the country in a new light and will be able to gain many more experiences.Society dictates that men are the breadwinners in Indonesia and if your male partner cannot at least provide some financial security for you, he will lose face completely.Try suggesting to eat at warungs and local cafés to your partner so that you can try the local cuisine.From my experience as an expat but more so as a woman in Indonesia, money is also taboo topic.Let me re-phrase that, never talk with your partner about how much you make.It also goes without saying remember to be prepared, especially if you are holidaying/working in Bali.STIs are common here as the waves of tourists come and go.

So if it’s a holiday fling or a ‘just for fun relationship’ you’re after make sure that the other person is aware of this.

In order to make your relationship work with that special someone from Indonesia just remember to be prepared, be educated and be willing to understand one another.

Only choose polycule if at least 3 people will be sharing this account.

Take the time to talk to one another, listen closely and don’t assert dominance (as either a man or woman) as it just won’t work.

When starting a new relationship with an Indonesian man is best to be aware of where they came from and what customs are important to them too.

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