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She began to train six months before her expedition began on June 18.

He said: 'I climbed with her, until the place where the spring begins, and she stayed there until the beginning of her journey.' James Contos, a whitewater kayaing guide who assisted Ms Kelty during the first part of her 'source to sea' expedition of the Amazon, told how, on August 28, he received news that she had been murdered near the city of Iquitos.

She is then asked how long her journey is expected to take, replying: 'About five to six months - so, yeah, it's a long time.' The video ends with Ms Kelty waving to a camera with a spectacularly beautiful lake and mountain range behind her.

Dr Andy Knox, a GP at Ash Trees Surgery in nearby Carnforth, said rickets – where children’s bones do not form properly due to vitamin and calcium deficiencies – is making a comeback.‘It was quite common back in Victorian times,’ he told the news report.A primary school claims it has to wash pupils’ dirty clothes because their families can’t afford to.Headmistress Siobhan Collingwood, who was previously accused of trying to unseat a Tory MP, yesterday said some parents were so deprived they had passed out from hunger in the hallways.One of the indigenous guides who had been with her in the Andes also told him that the canoeist's body had been found.Mr Contos contacted her brother Piers to break the tragic news, who told friends and started the process of making contact with the British Embassy in Peru. Many thanks for getting in touch.'He said: 'There had been a mix-up in identifying the body.

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