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The Face Time button will now disappear from the phone and can only be turned back on with the correct PIN.i Phone users will be acclimatising to the latest version of i OS as Apple released the i OS 11 operating system this week, and it has some pretty cool features.The study found that 20 percent of teens had sent nude or semi-nude videos or photos of themselves to others or posted them online.The majority, 71 percent, of respondents who had sent sexually suggestive material did so to a boyfriend or girlfriend.It might seem harmless on the surface, but parents should consider should consider several potentially harmful factors.

Find the Face Time app on the list and move it to off.In Facetime video chats there will now be a shutter button that appears.If you press the shutter button during a Facetime conversation it will take a live photo.However, there is no way to be sly or sneaky about this feature – whenever you take a Facetime Live photo, the person you are talking to is notified that you have taken a photo.This feature needs to be enabled, it is not automatic and will not appear in your Facetime calls until you actually physically opt to turn it on.

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