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’Being Liverpool women, they were friendly enough not to laugh at the foreign fool, but squealed merrily: ‘It’s Ladies Day, love! They could have walked straight from a classy fashion magazine. Now the Liver Birds are inked with abandon, and (once again) the bigger the better.

’The lucky guy with them — an Irishman, smart in his suit and tie — looked dazed that people could come to the ‘Pool’ without knowing the Grand National was on. Now, gaudy, shiny fabrics strain at flesh — any fight for modesty over before it’s begun. I’ll never understand why everybody — from 48-year-old Jennifer Aniston, pictured this week in a horrible, one-shouldered, leather mini-dress, to the 16-year-old pouting her latest selfie — wants to look like an easy lay. It’s the consequence of porn culture and it’s everywhere.

These flamboyant lasses of all ages totter boldly where Guardian females fear to tread — swigging champagne from miniature bottles and proclaiming proudly that they’re ‘All-Woman’ as they go.

They’re saying they’re as good as anybody — and better than most.

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Now, fast food and fizzy drinks make some of the ladies at Aintree look as if they’ve been on the pies and chips since conception.You guys expect 24*7 live tamil chat room webcam online video chat room, am I right?If am right then you are in right place to chat and share.How the great artists of the Renaissance would love their voluptuous glory!Dolly Parton once quipped: ‘It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.’ And confidence, too. There’s a swagger to this particular style which defies those who think it shows no style at all.

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