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He’s a bad-ass soldier, a leader of men, a 6’2 blonde .Pre-serum Rogers was someone who recognized that he was hardly the epitome of manly perfection.Instead of leaping at the chance to make up for lost time – wrecking shit, banging chicks etc.– he focuses on doing what he always intended to do in the first place: helping others in need. Physical strength, a capacity for violence and the willingness to use it are among of the core tenets of toxic masculinity.

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Ironically enough, however, this man from the past is a beacon for being a man For a man born in the 20s and raised in the 30s, Rogers is actually an excellent example of what non-toxic masculinity in the modern day.

In fact, the overall arc of Steve’s relationship with Bucky is one that is frequently reserved for romantic partners.

But as much as Tumblr may lurve #Stucky, it actually ends up making the same mistake that isolates so many men: it conflates emotional intimacy with romance and becomes part of why so many men are starved for an emotional connection with others.

And despite the fact that he’s been beaten and spit on, he has no callus on his soul. He was , he’s quick to recognize Sharon’s refusal of the use of his washing machine as a soft “no” and respects it.

He’s not bitter about his lack of success – either in trying to become a soldier or with the ladies. It’s that understanding and willingness to prioritize her comfort over his trying to get a date. Big Steve may have been hot as a four-alarm fire, but it was Skinny Steve she fell in love with. It’s significant that the other most important relationship in Steve Rogers’ life is his relationship with Bucky Barnes.

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