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His father is a politician and his mother a university professor as well as a heiress.

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That's why I really love seeing Sakuraiba in photoshoots.At 171 cm, he is the third tallest in Arashi (after Aiba and Jun). They are forcefully arched, though not as aggressive as Jun's they certainly give him a look of refined beauty. It's not unattractive, just gives his otherwise gentle face a bit of force and manliness.Nicknames: "Sho-kun" is a common one, though Aiba and occasionally Nino will call him "Sho-chan" too. Can you guys imagine what it'd be like if Jun did T. We cannot talk about Sho's physical attributes without touching on "sloping shoulders" or nadegata.Appearance Sho is, as Ohno once said, an "ikemen." For those of you who don't know what an "ikemen" is, it basically means a good-looking guy, though usually not in the aggressively sexual sense. Many people (like Horikita Maki) even think that Sho's sloping shoulders will make him more suitable for wearing traditional Japanese yukata/wafuku! Just watch any performance of TABOO, or even in the earlier days, his solo in the 2003 "How's it going" concert had a pretty suggestive video of him in a bathtub, too.I tend to equate ikemen with "pretty boy" in my head, though I'm aware that's probably not the strictly accurate definition. Sho has big round eyes that can contort themselves into any range of emotions, but unlike Arashi's other big-eyed man Jun, Sho's eyes are gentler to look at, even when he's putting on the aggressive sexy act (like in T. And yet another physical feature that is a much discussed topic is the amazing abdomen of Sakurai Sho. Maybe not like the Calvin Klein model's chiseled abs, but certainly very noticeable nonetheless. His muscles are on display in pretty much every concert.

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