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Read the whole article » Slunecni Tvrz was a haven for BDSM and fetish community - a small villa in a very rural surrounding.

It was one of the first BDSM / fetish places I have ever visited. And believe it or not, one of the best places to discuss just anything that could possibly cross your mind - from sex to physics, religion, poetry, relationships..

Makeup is part of our look and by correct styling we can change the way we look - shift nice features, suppress the ones we don't like or create extravagant looks in drag queen style.

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[on his childhood] I was known as the kid who raised himself...

Once I tried it I was totally hooked: the feel, the smell and the sound of it.

Simply loved the feeling of my body encased in ultra tight latex, it was how I became a latex transvestite.

I think it would help some to summarize my insights, experience and advice into a post.

In the second part of the post Gabi (a TS woman) will provide info on sex change process and the legislation in the Czech Republic.

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